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New Port Richey Electrician

Reliant Electrical is the trusted electrician in New Port Richey for all of your electrician needs.

Reliant Electrician has been the electrician of choice for New Port Richey because of the commitment to customer service. We are licensed Florida electrical contractors. Reliant Electrician has been in business for over two decades because of our commitment to professional quality services. As a New Port Richey Electrician that is growing as quickly as we are from word of mouth, we will always provide the most cost effective and reasonable solutions for our customers.

Professional Electricians

We have perfected what it means to be a professional electrician. Our understanding of our customers needs is what sets us a part from other electrical contractors. We look for opportunities to help save money and do not try to upsell for needless repairs.

Licensed New Port Richey Electrician

We have tested at a Master Level Nationally and have passed the requirements to attain the proper license to do electrical work in New Port Richey FL. We are Insured and Bonded with Pasco County..

Electrician Near You.

Reliant Electrical is located in New Port Richey FL so if you are searching near me on your cellular device for a local licensed electrician we can get to your location quickly which can help to resolve your electrical issues fast.

Top Electrician in New Port Richey.

We have been trained by the very best in the electrical field. Being a Master certified Electrician takes many years of in field training and extensive in Class learning. New Port Richey has a great history and is growing quickly. It’s 2021 and we are helping to build a safer community by providing expert electrical installations for all of our commercial and residential customers. Learn a bit more about us!

Residential Electricians.

We are considered national experts in the residential Electrician field. With over twenty years of experience we have the skills to troubleshoot and install any of the newest smart home technologies or alternative energy solutions. From electric car chargers to Amazon Alexa enabled devices we can help with the best solutions for these installations. Feel free to contact us today!

Custom White kitchen with LED recessed lighting and pendent lights.
Light bulb electrician using a receptacle and plug to connect an electrical cord

Working to build long lasting relationships.

As a top-tier residential and commercial electrician we guarantee all of our work for 365 days. Our electrical designs and solutions are designed to help homeowners and business owners save money on their electrical installations. Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.

Frequently asked Questions

How to test a GFCI outlet?

GFCI outlets can be tested by pushing firmly the ‘Test’ button on the front of the receptacle. If the GFCI outlet fails to trip when the button is pushed it could signal that the receptacle has gone bad or that it has no power coming to it. Another way to test A GFCI receptacle is with a plug tester. A plug tester with a GFCI test button on it will trip the GFCI when pressed if the receptacle is in proper working order. Today many of the new GFCI outlets come with self-testing features built into them. If your home or business was built before 2015 you likely won’t have self-testing GFCIs unless they were recently replaced. Testing a GFCI outlet with a plug tester

Why are my lights flickering?

Lights may flicker for several different reasons.
-Connections where the light bulb and light socket meet can become loose or corroded over time causing intermittent connectivity. Make sure these connections are tight and provide a clean connection by a licensed electrician.
-The LED type lights can cause compatibility issues with some dimmer switches. It’s important for LED lights to be checked with the manufacturer to verify if they are compatible with your dimmer switch.
-Older, as well as new homes, can develop poor electrical wiring connections that can cause lights to flicker as well. If you experience light flickering in your home or office it is very important to have these issues checked out right away. These may be signs of a potential electrical and or fire hazard.
-Sometimes flickering lights can be caused by an issue that is outside of the home. Utility transformers and utility connections can sometimes fail as well. If the lights throughout the home seem to be affected and not just one room there is a good chance that the utility company should come out to check their supply side of your electrical system.
-It’s always recommended that you hire a licensed electrician to evaluate your lights if you notice any kind of flickering as it could be a sign of a more serious electrical issue.Flickering Lights LED bulbs in light fixture hanging in entryway

“Best electrician we have ever used, super happy!”

Rachael Clark

“Highly professional and very reasonably priced”

Tim Roberts

“Called for a sparking electrical panel and Reliant came out fast”

Sean Finch

Let’s work together on your next electrical project!