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New Port Richey and Trinity FL Electrician Services

Reliant Electrical provides Residential electrical services for all of Pasco County Florida.

Here at Reliant Electrical, we pride ourselves on providing personalized expert electrician services here in New Port Richey and surrounding areas in Trinity. Some of our services include Electric car charger installations, GFCI outlets, breaker repairs, and Electrical troubleshooting.


LED recessed lighting installed by Reliant Electrician in New Port Richey FL

We are licensed locally in New Port Richey to do all aspects of residential electrical work. Reliant Electrical can repair or install all types of electrical equipment and devices.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Light bulb electrician using a receptacle and plug to connect an electrical cord

Reliant Electrical of New Port Richey can have a highly qualified electrician out to your home to get your electric up and running again. We have fast response times and offer fair and honest pricing.

GFCI Repairs

Testing a GFCI outlet with a plug tester

Reliant Electrical is a top rated Electrician in New Port Richey FL and is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your investment. If you have GFI issues that need to be fixed we are here to help.

EV charger Tesla Installed in New Port Richey FL Wall Connector

Electric Car Charger Installations. Reliant Electrical provides EV charging connections.

If you have purchased a Tesla wall connector or a Ford EV charger we can provide the power for that.

We are licensed to install your new electric car charging equipment according to local Pasco County FL codes.

Any brand and any make or model EV charger can be connected quickly and correctly with our professionally trained electricians.

Our electrician will evaluate your main electrical service panel to make sure you have the breaker space and proper amperage requirement for the installation.

Many of the level 2 chargers require 50 amp or 60 amp 240-volt power supplies.

when you hire Reliant Electrical we make sure that all of your new equipment will be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

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GFCI Installation and repairs. GFI Breakers or Outlets replaced.

GFCI protection is required for safety and by local New Port Richey code in many areas around your home. Our licensed electricians are able to help determine exactly where they are required and help fix faulty circuitry as needed.

A GFI and a GFCI are often referred to interchangeably and they both mean the same thing which is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

These devices are installed in the circuitry of a home to help protect people against electrical shock.

They come in two different types a GFCI breaker and a GFCI receptacle.

Both of these devices are put in to protect against any potential shock hazards around wet indoor and outdoor areas.

The National Electrical Code or NEC requires these devices to be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, outdoor areas, and in some circumstances on your lighting fixtures such as above tubs or showers in bathrooms.

Licensed electricians at Reliant Electrical can help determine where you should have these installed.

We often get service calls to troubleshoot these devices when they fail to operate.

Many times something that is being used on the circuit can cause these GFI devices to trip and we can help locate the issue and resolve it.

Other times the protection device itself can actually fail and we can troubleshoot that to determine why that happened and make the necessary repairs.

If you are looking for a local licensed New Port Richey electrician to fix your GFI outlet contact us Today!

White GFCI Receptacle with cover plate on white back ground
GFCI outlet Repair
Hot tub wiring electrical hook up in New Port Richey dark colored spa on tile floor

Hot Tub Wiring. Let Reliant Electrical power your new Spa.

We can help wire your electric for your new or old hot tub or spa. Our electricians will determine the proper power supply for your new hot tub.

Most hot tubs will operate from a 240 volt 50 or 60 amp power source.

We will perform an inspection of your main service panel to determine if it has the proper power necessary for the install.

The next important thing to check is to make sure of proper spacing from your spa or hot tub from the source of power.

We install dedicated circuitry for your tub and it will have its own GFCI spa panel.

We need to maintain at least 5 ft from the tub water for the placement of the spa panel to meet local Pasco County electrical codes.

The hot tub should have at least one general use GFCI protected receptacle 120 volts for plugging in other items 10 to 20 ft from the unit.

Many times if the home is built in the past 25 years there will be a receptacle in that proximity already.

The sizing and placement of the grounding conductors should be considered carefully.

The service electrician will evaluate the placement of the tub and determine what grounding requirements are appropriate for each project.

Sometimes a #8 bare copper grounding wire is necessary to bond the surrounding concrete to the metal parts of the tub.

The circuit that runs to the tub should have a green or bare #10 copper grounding wire for the spa or hot tub that is no larger than 60 amps.

All of the codes that are required in and around these locations are very specific and need to be followed exactly or serious injury can result.

Our customer’s safety is our first priority and we take pride in making sure they made the right choice when hiring us.

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Rachael Clark

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